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Prince Lionheart the complete dryingSTATION - White

Prince Lionheart the complete dryingSTATION - White - 1007

by: Prince Lionheart

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the complete dryingSTATION

The Prince Lionheart complete dryingSTATION is the ONLY drying organizer on the market that accommodates all sizes of cups, bottles, nipples and cup parts, molded with an EPA approved, anti-microbial additive. The complete drying station adjusts to fit all sinks and counters. Its slanted design allows for thorough drying without puddles of water.


  • Accomodates all sizes of feeding accessories
  • Molded with EPA approved, anti microbial additive
  • Basket holds nipples of all shapes and sizes Divided tray to hold caps and tops of any size
  • 8 drying pods 6 accessory hooks
  • BPA, Phthalate, PVC, Latex and Lead Free